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The About page on allows people to recognize the officers and advisors for the 2022-2023 HOSA Chapter. Under each officer position is the dedicated name of the person. Eventually (Hopefully by Friday, 9/23/22) I will have all the officers pictures to go under their name. Starting this year I would also like to add quotes, phrases, or a brief overview of each officer to go under their picture. Starting this year as well I would also like to add an "Our Team" section to the About page so that every member can be recognized. I can't do pictures for everyone due to the large volume of members to officers ratio, so it is just going to be names and eventually committee titles (If applicable)

I am always open for website suggestions whether it be about changing something or adding something! Please don't hesitate to give me your suggestions. You can email or text me!

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(919) 357-1092

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